Ability Wiki
General Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Another
Class Highly Dangerous
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Atran Mercenary
Debut Chapter 53
Last Appears Chapter 59

Guight was a highly dangerous Another recruited by Atran.


Guight has an ogre-like built and appearance. He has bright, yellow, bowl-cut hair and wears shackle bands around his wrists and ankles.


Guight was sent to attack Hon along with Zed and other henchmen. He was supposed to go after the princess but was held off by Ye-Rin. At first, he underestimated her but later reckoned her level as highly-dangerous. He was having a hard time fighting against Ye-Rin and when Zed communicated to him that Mase was heading that way, he decided to flee.

However, he was caught by Sa-Ryun who considered him as a wandering prey. It can be assumed that he has died by Sa-Ryun's hands and his power orb consumed by the predator.