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Han Yu-Hwa
General Information
Gender Male
Age 21
Race Human
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Coffee Shop Owner
Hon Member
Affiliation HON
Debut Chapter 1
Last Appears Main Character

Han Yu-Hwa(Kor. 한유화)is the main protagonist of the series.


Yu-Hwa has average looks of a youth. His blonde hair is tied back in a ponytail. He wears metal earrings on both ears.


Irrationally selfless, Yu-Hwa is willing to throws himself into life or death situations with little to no regard for his own well-being, doing whatever he can to assist someone with this characteristic stemming from his desire to put his abilities to use.

Back when he was a child, Yu-Hwa's was outcasted as a freak by those around him once they noticed his unusal abilites leading him to remain aloof from any sort of company since. It makes him happy to know that his powers, which made him a freak in regular society, can be used to help others.

Yu-Hwa is also somewhat of a comedian; even if it's a serious conversation, such as being in the middle of a fight or even on the brink of death, one can expect him to crack a joke, showing that he's either oblivious to the severity of the situation or is extraordinarily light-hearted.


Han Yu-Hwa lost his parents early in his life, leading to him living with grandfather, the owner of the coffee shop. Whilst his grandfather is away traveling abroad, he runs the buisness in his stead.

When he was around six years old, he found a mysterious crystal in some mountain ruins. After touching it, he lost all the memories related to that accident and he supposedly lost consciousness for several days. That crystal is responsible for his superior ability. After further chapters where published, the crystal can be said to resemble the orbs which Anothers produce upon death.


One day Yu-Hwa went out shopping and while returning, he was stopped by a little girl calling out to him. She wanted to borrow his cellphone and he lent it. A sudden mild gale blew the girl's hat and as she was about to reach for it, a big truck was coming at full speed right towards her. Yu-Hwa reacted and covered the girl. He took the full impact and was blown away quite a distance. A crystal within him cracked and someone recognized the power from some distance. Yu-Hwa was later hospitalized and managed to recover in a day.

At the hospital, he experienced his very first encounter with an Another who was sneaking to the little girl's room. He managed to hold it off and even survived the encounter. Later the same Another attacked him in his cafe after he was discharged. Sa-Ryun appeared and saved him from that Another so Yu-Hwa got acquainted with Sa-Ryun and offered to give him free coffee as long as they lived. Since then he got repeated visits from Sa-Ryun who actually was the one who had his eyes on Yu-Hwa's powers.

Later Yu-Hwa met Detective Park who came to investigate the hospital incident and took Yu-Hwa on encountering a strange incident. There they found that another from before again and Yu-Hwa went berserk to save both Park and himself. But his punches healed that Another rather than subduing it. The another ran away for some reason and Yu-Hwa and Park left too. Park learned about Anothers from Yu-Hwa and the two became good friends. Later Sa-Ryun showed up in his cafe again and he asked Sa-Ryun to train him. They got along that way for some time until Sa-Ryun stopped coming for quite a while.

During that time, Yu-Hwa and Park investigated Another related events which led them face Hon. Park was taken away unconscious while Yu-Hwa was taken to the Hon base and met Mase, Un and Ye-Rin. He was saved from inquiries by Su-Jin, who is the director of Hon. Because of her intervention, Yu-Hwa was let go.

But he ran into more Anothers called Salamanders and they kidnapped Detective Park. He accompanied Un and Ye-Rin to the hide-out of the Salamanders and encountered a few himself to save Park. His strong-will interested the salamander leader, Jacra and he let them go with Park. Later he learnt that Jacra was a highly dangerous another from Hon database and so Su-Jin suggested Yu-hwa to join Hon for his own safety as he was making a name amongst Anothers. Yu-Hwa declined the offer.

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Yu-Hwa's subconscious powers

Yu-Hwa using Sa-Ryun's spheres

  • Athleticism: Han Yu-Hwa is more athletic than other normal humans.
  • Superhuman Strength: He has superior physique compared to others. His strength increases to superhuman levels when he summons his power (currently, he can only do it subconsciously) as he was able to dominate the serial killer another in the later half of their final battle. He develops his ability to awaken his inner ability throughout the course of Season, to the extent that he is able to match Tar by the end. 
  • Regenerative Healing Factor:  He shows extraordinary regeneration abilities compared to normal humans. He realized his uniqueness when he entered elementary school and saw his friends incapable of such healing like him. According to him, a cut from knife heals in about a day, broken bone mends in a few days and slight burnt skin turns normal within seconds! One day after saving a young girl from an truck, and getting hit by the same, his regeneration powers gradually increases. It has extended to even re-growing and re-aligning shattered bones as well as re-adjusting interior organs.
  • Healing Touch: Yu-Hwa is able to heal others via physical contact, however he may accidentally heal opponents when he strikes them. He has only been able to do this when calling upon the ability inside him for help, like when he wanted to save Detective Park, or when he is unconscious.
  • Ability Absorption: He can absorb abilities of deceased Anothers by imbibing their power orbs even though this should be impossible for a human.
  • Sa Ryun's Spheres: Yu-Hwa was given a small portion of Sa Ryun's aura by Sa Ryun himself, which was stored in his gloves. When he was in the risk of dying after the invasion of the Reapers, his power took his consciousness and wounded the Reapers severely by summoning many spheres of Sa Ryun, which greatly shocked the Reapers. Yu-Hwa also used the spheres to injure himself so that he, in his subconscious form, can attack and heal Sa-Ryun who was fighting the enemy.


Yu-Hwa & Sa-Ryun[]

Yu-Hwa considers Sa-Ryun as an elder brother figure and calls him 'hyung'. It's commented by Jacra that Yu-Hwa is Sa-Ryun's 'dongsaeng'. Ever since Sa-Ryun has saved him from the serial killer another, Yu-Hwa has looked up to Sa-Ryun. He asks for Sa-Ryun's help with training and listens to his advices regarding fighting. Despite knowing Sa-Ryun was an ex-Hunter and Atran is pursuing him for misdeeds, Yu-Hwa attempts to protect his hyung from getting caught by keeping his cafe in a rundown state so that Sa-Ryun doesn't show up there. He also keeps his mouth shut when Lecter beats him up to get info on Sa-Ryun.

Yu-Hwa & Un[]

Yu-Hwa has developed a close friendship with Un Ga. Although Un used to find him annoying at first (even considering him a zombie due to his fast regenerations after getting hit), he also cherishes this friendship. They look after each other in fights and critical times. Un often helps out Yu-Hwa in fixing his cafe. He also likes to taunt Yu-Hwa regarding various issues (specially on his poor fighting skills). Un even disobeys Mase's order and cuts the listening device on his belt to inform Yu-Hwa that he is being used as a bait to catch Sa-Ryun.

Yu-Hwa & Su-Jin Ji[]

Yu-Hwa watches over Su-Jin Ji as if she were his little sister. He risked his life to save her from the accident at the beginning of the manhwa. He again saves her when the serial killer attacks her in the hospital. From then on, Su-Jin tries to repay her 'oppa' either by backing him up (against Mase) or providing him HON protection. Yu-Hwa saves her once again when HON is attacked by Atran. He lightens her up telling she should live like a child rather than thinking about all the burden (Pandora's Box issue).

Yu-Hwa & Ye-Rin[]

Yu-Hwa has developed a close relationship with Ye-Rin. Unlike Un, it seems like Ye-Rin always had a liking for Yu-Hwa and her trademark kind smile seems to have affected Yu-Hwa greatly. This is shown when Su-Jin sends Ye-Rin to Yu-Hwa for a date and both of them blush at seeing each other... until Yu-Hwa messes up! Ye-Rin has rescued Yu-Hwa many times from danger and she respects Yu-Hwa's good will to protect others and is more lenient when Yu-Hwa acts hastily.

Yu-Hwa & Mase[]

Yu-Hwa finds Mase difficult due to his cold, unwelcoming attitude. But it seems like Yu-Hwa still finds him trustworthy and is confident that he is powerful enough to protect the Hon and Su Jin-Ji. 

Yu-Hwa & Detective Park[]

Yu-Hwa is friendly toward the Detective and shows concern for his investigation regarding Anothers. When Park gets attacked by the serial killer, Yu-Hwa awakens his powers to some extent to fight off the another. As a friendly acquaintance, Yu-Hwa endeavors to check on Park's situation and witnesses his kidnap. Later he accompanies Un and Ye-Rin in the rescue mission, fights with Salamanders and even accepts Jacra's challenge to save Park.

Yu-Hwa & Ji-Woon[]



  • Yuhwa was known as the mother of King Dongmyeong, the first king and the founder of the northernmost of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, Goguryeo. She was the daughter of Habaek, the river god.