Ability Wiki

General Information
Gender Male
Age 30+
Race Another
Class Highly-dangerous Type
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Leader of Salamanders
Affiliation Salamanders
Debut Chapter 22
Last Appears Recurring

Jacra (Kor. 자크라) is one of the most powerful highly-dangerous Another in existence. He is the leader of Salamanders and is on the 'highly-dangerous' level in terms of raw power. He has a disciple named Tar.


Jacra has brown hair brushed back and a large cross cut across the left side of his face.


Jacra believes that humans are inferior to Anothers and they should be ruled by them. He defies the rule of Hon. He is also an enemy to Atran since he he wants a world where the strong rules over the weak but not necessarily ruled by Atran.

As a person, Jacra seems rational and keeps to his word. He has taken an interest to Han Yu-Hwa for his fighting spirit. 

Plot Overview[]

Season 1[]

Jacra appears as the leader of the Salamanders when Hon agents and Yu-Hwa goes to rescue Detective Park. He gets interested in Yu-Hwa who was fighting with one of his Salamanders and proved to be energetic and willful despite being a human and even defeated the Another. So, Jacra proposes a deal: he would let them go if Yu-Hwa can fight and interest him further or he would kill Park. Yu-Hwa accepts the challenge and they fight. After Yu-hwa manages to take on Jacra's attacks and even stands up despite the injuries, Jacra decides to get serious. However, he is stopped by Ye-Rin. Then Jacra decides to let them go according to his promise.

Later, during Atran attacking Hon base, Jacra shows up with his disciple, Tar, to catch the Hon princess as per a deal with Atran. Yu-Hwa has been taking Su-Jin to the evacuation chamber but they are obstructed by Jacra and Tar. Yu-Hwa tells Jacra about the Pandora's Box issue and why Atran has attacked Hon. He uses Jacra's ideals to convince him not to capture Su-Jin. Jacra, who has already taken a particular interest in the boy, decides he'd let them go if he can defeat his disciple. A fight commences and Jacra notices the increase of speed and skills in Yu-Hwa. After a while, he decides Yu-Hwa has won since he could withstand the attacks and counterattack Tar. Jacra lets Yu-Hwa and Su-Jin go for the time being.

On the way to leave the Hon grounds, Jacra and Tar meet Sa-Ryun. Advising Tar to stay out of it, Jacra greets Sa-Ryun and a conversation follows. Jacra learns that Sa-Ryun has come because of a common person who interests him - Yu Hwa. He reveals that he too finds the spirit in the boy interesting. Upon hearing that Sa-Ryun is concerned about Yu-Hwa because the boy calls him 'Hyung' and he also finds the boy quite funny, Jacra bursts out laughing and acknowledges Yu-Hwa as Sa-Ryun's 'dongsaeng'. Agreeing that it isn't the time or place to fight, the both parties part ways.