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Ji-Woon Kang
Ji-woon kang.png
General Information
Gender Male
Age 7+
Race Another
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Unknown
Debut Chapter 25
Last Appears Recurring Character

Ji-Woon Kang (Kor. 강지운) is anAnother under the protection of Hon.


There is not much info about his past as Ji-Woon never intended to tell anything. Hon had investigated but found nothing. He was taken in by an old human who raised him as his grandson. His name is given to him by his grandpa.

Plot Overview[]

One rainy day, Ji-Woon Kang is running and happens to halt in front of Yu-Hwa's cafe door. Yu-Hwa invites him in rather than soaking wet in the rain. He is given towel to dry up and hot chocolate to warm up. But Hons come to look for him and he hides under a table. He is very scared and pulls Yu-Hwa's pants to gesture not to disclose his presence. Yu-Hwa does so and once they are gone, he questions Yu-Hwa to find out if he could harm him in any way. It is informed that he has stolen something important from Hon. He gets Yu-Hwa to be his accomplice. Just then they are attacked by an Another but he runs away with Yu-Hwa.

Ji-woon guides Yu-Hwa through the alleyways to avoid the cctv cameras on the main road. Yu-Hwa tries to get him to talk on why he needs the item so badly but he remains adamant on not revealing. He only says that he needs to use the item once by any means and will return it to Hon afterwards. Yu-Hwa promises that he will assist him. They are found out by the Another who is chasing them and Yu-Hwa puts up a good fight to save Ji-woon.

Touched by Yu-Hwa's generosity and seeing him wounded badly, Ji-woon tricks him to a hospital and tips off Hon about his health state. As a response, Ye-Rin comes to the hospital to check on Yu-Hwa while Ji-woon returns to his delivery route to Chuncheon. However, he is attacked by a gang of anothers on his way.