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Lecter Ability4554.png
General Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Another
Class Highly Dangerous
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Atran Agent
Debut Chapter 45
Last Appears Unknown

Lecter (Kor. 렉터) was a highly-dangerous Another and an agent of Atran.


Lecter is a fairly tall guy with strong, muscular built. He has bright, yellow hair and a tattoo branded across his right cheek.


Lecter was sent to capture Sa-Ryun in Hon's area. On pursuit, he got to Yu-Hwa 's cafe and there he fought Un who was trying to protect Yu-Hwa. Lecter defeats Un easily and is about to seriously fight Yu-Hwa. Just then Sa-Ryun steps in to save Yu-Hwa. The two of them duel with Lecter gradually gaining the upper hand due to Sa-Ryun's already weakened state. With a little help from Yu-Hwa, Sa-Ryun kills Lecter.

After Lecter's death, his power orb is released from his body. Sa-Ryun and Mase fight for it but the orb falls on Yu-Hwa's head and he absorbs it.