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Mase 49-3.PNG
General Information
Gender Male
Age 30+ (apparent)
Race Another
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Hon Representative
Title Chief
Debut Chapter 4
Last Appears Recurring

Mase (Kor. 메이스) is a highly dangerous Another who is the chief of Hon. He acts as a protector to Su-Jin Ji, the head of Hon.


Mase is apparently in his early thirties. He has a well-built physique. His complexion is fair and he has a short scar on his right cheek just below the eye. His hair is a dark shade of blue. Mase always dons formal suit and tie and maintains a reserved demeanor.


He acts as a protector to Su-Jin Ji and really cares for her. He is suspicious and wary of every one (especially Yu-Hwa at first) who tries to approach her. However, after Yu-Hwa saves her again during Atran's attack on Hon, he expresses his gratitude towards him by financing the total fixing up of Yu-Hwa's cafe from his own funds. He also orders the agents concerned to not tell anyone about it.


Nothing much about his past is revealed. He has shown to be acquainted with most other highly-dangerous Anothers and is acknowledged by Atran.


After Yu-Hwa saves Su-Jin Ji from the accident and the monster in thehospital, Mase accompanies the princess to thank Yu-Hwa. There he cautions Yu-Hwa against revealing anything about the Another.

Later Mase meets Yu-Hwa again when the latter investigates the serial killer case with Detective Park. He visits them personally to stop their investigations. After Un and Ye-Rin hit them unconscious, Mase decides to take Yu-Hwa for interrogation as he is highly suspicious of Yu-Hwa's activities. However, he stops after Su-Jin Ji intervenes and lets Yu-Hwa go free according to her orders. After Park is kidnapped by the Salamanders, Yu-Hwa asks permission to accompany Hon agents to look for Park. Surprisingly enough, Mase allows Yu-Hwa to go, however, on the condition that Hon will not take any responsibility should he come to any harm. The mission becomes successful and Mase accompanies the Hon princess to visit Yu-Hwa who is admitted to hospital. They are alarmed to learn that Jacra has taken an interest in the boy.

Following days, Mase remains busy tracing Sa-Ryun's tracks and affirming his presence in Hon territory. He reports the information he has gathered on Sa-Ryun and Atran's activities to Su-Jin Ji. Atran has contacted them to co-operate with the search for Sa-Ryun. Hon is small compared to Atran in terms of both power and influence. So, both of them come to the conclusion that Hon will comply with Atran's request.

Mase keeps Yu-Hwa under surveillance after the latter's confrontation with the Reapers reveals he can use Sa-Ryun's spheres. When Sa-Ryun appears to save Yu-Hwa from Lecter, Mase goes there. He arrives after Lecter has been killed and Sa-Ryun is about to absorb the Another's Orb of Power. Mase interferes and starts to fight with Sa-Ryun over the orb. While they are engaged in the fight, the Orb drops on Yu-Hwa's head and is miraculously absorbed by him. Both Mase and Sa-Ryun decide to stop fighting. Sa-Ryun tips off Mase on Atran's plan to attack Hon. Mase also learns that Atran's heir had found the location of Pandora's Box but was murdered by Sa-Ryun; hence the latter has become a fugitive.

Mase conveys the worrying news to the Head of Hon. They assume now that Atran has lost quite a number of fighters upon pursuing Sa-Ryun, they might abandon the plan to capture the fugitive and return to their original plan of attacking Hon. They decide to stay on alert.

Before long, Atran troops launch an attack on Hon headquarters. Mase guards Su-Jin Ji from the attacks and decide to take her to the emergency underground bunker. However, he finds that Atran has not only sent troops but also highly-dangerous Anothers when Zed approaches them. Zed reveals that he has come to take the key to Pandora's Box: Su-Jin Ji. At this, Mase decides to stay back and hold off Zed in a fight, buying time for Su-Jin to escape with other guards. But Zed rules out Mase's choice as a wrong one, revealing that he isn't the only highly-dangerous Another to have come to get the key. Mase finds himself blocked by Zed and his only way to reach Su-Jin's side is to defeat his opponent. So, he starts to fight seriously and on one point, almost defeats Zed. His opponent gives up and lets Mase pursue the princess. Mase reaches the hallway where Ye-Rin has been fighting Guight until the latter fled. He is informed that Su-Jin is escorted by Yu-Hwa. Un reports that the Atran troops are subdued and retreating. Together with Ye-Rin and Un, Mase reaches the underground facility. He is relieved to find the Hon princess sleeping peacefully there, leaning against a sleeping Yu-Hwa.

The incident erases all of Mase's suspicions regarding Yu-Hwa. He even personally finances the renovation of Yu-Hwa's cafe out of gratitude for saving Su-Jin Ji. Even though Mase warned to keep this matter a secret, Un leaks it out to Yu-Hwa.

Powers & Abilities[]

Mase conjures fireball

Flame shield

Mase is the strongest member of Hon and one of the highly dangerous Anothers. Although he has been noted as the least powerful of highly-dangerous types in Atran records, he defeated Zed, a highly dangerous Another from Atran, who confessed Mase could have killed him had the fight continued. He also evenly matched Sa-Ryun himself. 

Pyrokinesis: Mase has the ability to conjure flame out of his palm. He can use the flame for both offensive and defensive purposes.

  • Fireballs: Mase can make fireballs out of the conjured flame and throw them at his opponents.
  • Flame Shield: Using the flame, Mase can also create shield. He is shown to use this to protect Su-Jin Ji from bullets.