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The Pandora's Box, according to Su-Jin Ji, is said to have the power to destroy the world and reset it to the original state again. For that reason, it is said to be the object of the creator.


The Pandora's Box appears like a regular black box.


The Pandora's Box is said to contain a special power that is able to destroy the world and bring it to the very beginning. Its power was so dangerous that the strongest Anothers sealed the power inside a box thus creating the Pandora's Box. 


The location of Pandora's Box was found out by the heir of Atran which resulted in his death by Sa-Ryun. Later Atran send their regime to capture the key to Pandora's Box - Su Jin Ji. However, they fail because of Sa-Ryun's early tip off and Yu-Hwa's interference.


According to Greek Myths, the box was filled with all evil and Zeus gave it to Pandora who opened it out of curiosity. Thus the human world was flooded with evils. However, the last content to get out of it was hope.