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The Reapers

The Reapers (Kor. 리퍼) is a team of four Anothers working under Atran. They are said to be strong enough to handle highly dangerous type Anothers.


Each of the Reapers has a special ability. One is shown to have an extraordinary sense of smell mostly used for tracking. Another of them has control over electricity, causing a blackout in the entire city as well as sucking up the energy of battery-run objects.


The Reapers are sent to pursue Sa-Ryun who is a fugitive for betraying Atran. They follow his trail to Yu-Hwa's cafe and finds Yu-Hwa quite interesting for a human. When they decide to get rid of him, Un Ga appears and they clash with him instead. However, Un is injured and Yu-Hwa drops nearly unconscious. Then Yu-Hwa's powers awaken and he fights off the four of them in a blink of an eye. After he uses Sa-Ryun's sphere on them, they realize it is too much for them and retreat using a smoke blast. They are later killed by their pursuit: Sa-Ryun himself!