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Sa-Ryun VS. Lecter

Location Outside the Cafe.
Duration Chapter 46 - Chapter 48
Outcome Lecter is killed

Sa-Ryun steps in to save Yu-Hwa from Lecter after Lecter decides to kill him.


After Un discloses Mase's plan of using Yu-Hwa as a bait to draw out and capture Sa-Ryun, Lecter shows up at the cafe. He suddenly attacks Un, throwing him to the opposite wall and interrogates Yu-Hwa about the whereabouts of Sa-Ryun. Yu-Hwa doesn't answer. Lecter beats up Yu-Hwa, disposing of Un's interference and continues to interrogate him, revealing that he knows about Yu-Hwa using Sa-Ryun's spheres. However, Yu-Hwa stays adamant in not answering Lecter and remarks that if anothers like him were chasing his hyung, then Sa-Ryun couldn't have been as bad as he he has heard. At this, Lecter decides to finish off Yu-Hwa. However, Sa-Ryun, who has been watching and hearing everything all along, aims multiple spheres at Lecter and makes his entrance to save Yu-Hwa (despite announcing that he hasn't come to save him).

Main Fight[]

Sa-Ryun knows that originally Lecter is no match for him but realizes that Lecter knows about his weakened state (after getting rid of the Atran heir) which puts him in quite a disadvantage. So, he plans on beating up Lecter fast rather than receiving further injury. Sa-Ryun lands a blow on Lecter, blowing up a portion of the cafe. The fight continues in mid-street. Lecter powers up and gradually gains the upper hand.

Sa-Ryun's physique starts failing and Lecter wonders what could bring Sa-Ryun to face him rather than fleeing to heal his body first. An insane idea flashes into his mind that Sa-Ryun could possibly be trying to save Yu-Hwa. Although Sa-Ryun denies it, Yu-Hwa believes it and decides to help out his hyung in some way. When Sa-Ryun is pushed to the wall with Lecter aiming his last blow straight on face, Yu-Hwa's action catches their attention: he conjures Sa-Ryun's sphere and hits himself with it, puncturing his body with a hole. The next moment he gets up and with a jolt dashes past Lecter and hits Sa-Ryun.

Unable to comprehend the cause of the event, Lecter stands speechless while Sa-Ryun slowly heals because of Yu-Hwa's attacks and catches his punches one by one. He eventually manages to throw Yu-Hwa away. In order to take responsibility for letting Sa-Ryun get repeatedly attacked by the boy, Lecter decides to finish off the boy quickly to make up for it. He goes for a clear hit but Sa-Ryun suddenly intervenes and summons one of his spheres.

Lecter is pushed back and hit by Sa-Ryun's sphere, followed by a kick. Lecter tries to counter attack but Sa-Ryun summons more spheres and attacks. Now in a weakened state, Lecter asks Sa-Ryun if he was pretending to be injured to which Sa-Ryun gives a vague answer. Lecter realizes that Sa-Ryun was not tricking him and wonders what happened as Sa Ryun delivers the finishing attack to kill Lecter.


As Lecter dies, a power orb is released from his body. Sa-Ryun rejoices at the sight of such a big orb and is about to absorb it when Mase interferes and the two start fighting over the orb.