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The Salamanders (Kor. 살라만더) are battle-type Anothers. Their appearances are quite similar. All of them are well-built and clad in hat and suit. Their leader is Jacra - one of the most powerful highly-dangerous Anothers in existence.


The Salamanders appear first after Yu-Hwa is returned to his cafe from Hon interrogation. They attack him but is interrupted by Un. Then they attack and kidnap Detective Park, bringing him to their base where Yu-Hwa, Un and Ye-Rin follow. They prepare an ambush to greet the pursuers. However, Hon agents fight them off without much effort. At their base, the strongest of the Salamanders surround the rescue team under Jacra's order. As Yu-Hwa takes Park and attempts to flee, the Salamander who attacked him before at the cafe, steps in front off him again. This time, Yu-Hwa is determined to finish off at least one Salamander and he does so, intriguing fear among the other Salamanders.