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Yu-Hwa handing over the stone to Un

The Stone of Healing a blue spherical stone (similar to the crystal Yu-Hwa has in his body) with power to heal. It is preserved byHon.


It has the power to heal Anothers but does not have any effect on humans directly. However, it reacts in presence of Yu-Hwa (because of his crystal) and Yu-Hwa is able to channel its powers to heal a human for a small period of time.


The stone of healing is stolen by Ji-Woon Kang from the Hon. Hon agents pursue him and he ends up with Yu-Hwa. Later it is revealed that Hon has known where Ji-Woon is heading and his purpose. Ji-Woon wanted to use the stone to heal his human grandpa but it has no effect. Yu-Hwa, however, manages to use the stone and heal Ji-Woon's grandpa for a small time, enough for him to have one last chat with his grandson. Later Yu-Hwa hands the stone of healing over to Un.