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The Serial Killer
General Information
Gender Male
Age 20+
Race Another
Status Dead
Professional Status
Debut Chapter 2
Last Appears Chapter 12

The unnamed serial killer is the first Another to appear in the series. He was behind the recent murders in Seoul and his next target was the Young Lady. After failing in his task to kill her, he decided to kill the one responsible for his failure, Han Yu-Hwa.


Being an Another, he has two forms. In his human form, he looks like a young man in his twenties. He has brown hairs. In his real form, he looks more deadly and ugly.

Human Form of the another.


He is shown to be a cold and cruel character. Even though he is arrogant in nature, he has enough intelligence to withdraw when the situation demands for it.


He is the culprit behind the recent murder events in Seoul. According to him, the correct expression would be "Hunting". He was suffering from herniated discs and piles for a long time.

Plot Overview[]

The serial killer first appeared in the hospital when he is after his target and he has killed the guards in front of her room. He is surprised when he meets Yu-Hwa as the human is able to see his real appearance. After his long struggle with him, he falls back after seeing the arrival of additional guards. That night, he kills a passing couple.

He then appears (in human form) in Han Yu-Hwa's cafe to kill him. He introduces himself and feels glad when he realizes that his target has abilities. He is shocked when he sees a highly injured Yu-Hwa back on his feet. When he tries to kill him, an unconscious Yu-Hwa hits him with his fast speed. The punches instead of harming him, cures his herniated discs and piles he suffered. He tries to kill Yu-Hwa when he loose his consciousness , but is stopped by the arrival of another hunter. He decides to fall back after seeing his strength.

He meets Yu-Hwa and Detective Park when they arrive at his hideout to arrest him and save Detective Kim. He feels glad after seeing Yu-Hwa alive as he can finally absorb his abilities. During the midst of battle, when Yu-Hwa uses his abilities, he asks him to hit him to his hearts content in the hope he will be healed further. His dreams are shattered when the punches only bring total harm. When he tries to kill police officer, Park, he is stopped by Yu-Hua who has activated his abilities to a certain degree. He decides to retreat after seeing Yu-Hua's strength.

He is killed by Sa-Ryun when he runs into him after escaping from the awakened Han Yu-Hwa. Sa-Ryun uses him as a food, just like what he wanted to do with Yu-Hwa.


Spike protruding from the Another's arm.

Shape-shifting: The another can assume human form and mix amongst normal humans searching for prey.

Spike Formation: He can form sharp spikes from his body that he uses to fight.