Ability Wiki

I have been reading mangas for more than two years, and as far as I can remember, I haven't started reading a series when only one chapter was out. Normally, I like to start a series after it hass reached a certain length and has got enough development. But...... Ability broke the record! I started reading it on the very day it got released!

There are always great expectations when your favourite author/artist starts a new series. And Ability is no different..... I started reading it because it was backed by the name of Noblesse authors. I liked how authors made him discover his powers (when he was young ....he saw his friends normal healing power). It was impressive as they didn't used any cliche for him to discover his powers. While the "Hero saving people and getting powered-up" has been a constant theme in many works, the difference is how you do it. Certainly, Ability didn't failed in that. I am liking the current developments and I certainly have great expectations, and I am sure it is same for others.

The another good news is this wiki. This wiki can now easily catch up to the current developments as we are not that far away. I would really like to thanks udarsha for starting this wiki. The biggest credit and thanks should go to Wings of the Wind. She made every major and minor improvement in the site. She proofreaded every articles and mistakes commited by me. And well, she is now planning for the future of this wiki...... She is certainly impressive!

Looking forward to the day when we are an up to date wiki.......