Ability Wiki

After starting a wiki, the main thing that concerns most founders/admins is the wiki build-up. However it's quite easy to achieve a rapid, regular growth by executing a few simple steps in an organized way. After getting done with the mainpage and a few pages, contributors especially admins have some important duties to get things rolling. Though these steps are usual and common, let me share them again as a few things I've learnt from my own experience.

Basic Steps

  • Making up a guideline or set of codes that every article page should follow. No need to be too particular as changing for better is always a good thing.
  • Writing up as many important articles with whatever content available as possible and getting articles organized under certain categories. Redirects should be created to make search and linking easier.
  • Getting content set showcased on an organized navigation; otherwise the viewers might end up not getting to know what and where to look for.
  • Customizing Templates is always a signature move to characterize the wiki.

Now with the basic things done, it's time for more modification...

  • Think of a good theme for the wiki that represents the main content.
  • Creating banner, favicon are the next steps for wiki representation; e.g. check out the Noblesse Banner (using manhwa font), theLOTR banner and favicon (using ring incantation as main slogan and the eye as favicon). These should be well-thought out and designed as random changes in these does not reflect good wiki stability. Occasional changes can be preferred.
  • Admins need to visit wiki labs and use the features; e.g. the badges are good idea to attract editors.
  • For the founders/admins, it's suggested to follow the list of works in admin dashboard to achieve wiki growth and regularly check the wiki stats. This gives a general idea how the wiki's going.
  • Forming good relation with community is a base for wiki. Community message, mainpage news & bulletin, blogs, forums should be updated every now and then.
  • Aim for the best SEO. It mainly depends on content, links and views. It is a mark of wiki success.