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Ye-Rin VS. Guight

Location HON Headquarters
Duration Chapter 54-55, Chapter 59
Outcome Guight flees and is caught by Sa-Ryun

Ye-Rin takes over the fight from Yu-Hwa and faces Guight to prevent him from pursuing Su-Jin Ji.


Atran attacks Hon to obtain the key to Pandora's Box - Su-Jin Ji. Guight catches up with Su-Jin Ji and overcomes the agents protecting her. He is about to take her away when Yu-Hwa interferes with a kick right on his face. Guight aims a punch at him but it's deflected by Ye-Rin who has just arrived at the scene. She tells Yu-Hwa to take Su-Jin Ji to the evacuation chamber and faces Guight herself.

Main Fight[]

Guight lifts part of the floor and throws it toward Yu-Hwa, Su-Jin and Ye-Rin but Ye-Rin just kicks the piece which breaks into smaller pieces. She urges Yu-Hwa and Su-Jin to run away. Before Guight could run after them, Ye-Rin blocks his way. Guight attacks but she easily avoids it. She kicks him and follows with an elbow strike. Ye-Rin kicks Guight one more time, this time sending him flying through the hallway. Guight wonders why Ye-Rin is not classified as highly dangerous. She replies that she prefers not to be noticed. Guight proceeds to attack her again with a beam but Ye-Rin blocks it with her own attack. Ye-Rin avoids further attacks and lands her own attack on his face. He throws another piece of the floor but she kicks through it and sends it back to him. However, the Another catches her foot and prepares to finish her. Ye-Rin breaks free and kicks him again. She manages to break one of Guight's arms which leaves Guight quite worried that there could be a highly dangerous Another other than Mase in Hon. He determines to land at least one crushing blow to finish her off but is interrupted by a sudden call from Zed.


Zed informs Guight over the communicators that Mase has overpowered him and is on his way towards Guight's location. Deeming it would be too dangerous for him to fight both Mase and Ye-Rin, Guight decides to flee. He breaks through the glass wall and jumps from the Hon building. But before he can make it out of the Hon grounds, his path is obstructed by Sa-Ryun who is delighted at finding a fleeing and injured prey. No more of Guight is shown but it can be assumed that Sa-Ryun has finished him off as well as absorbing his power orb.