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Han Yu-Hwa VS. Tar

Location Hon Headquarters
Duration Chapter 56 - Chapter 58
Outcome Jacra acknowledges Yu-Hwa as the winner.

Yu-Hwa fights Tar to fulfill Jacra's condition so that they let Su-Jin Ji escape safely.


As Atran troops attack Hon Headquarters to obtain the key toPandora's Box - Su-Jin Ji, the Hon agents fight them. Guight overpowers all agents around Su-Jin but Yu-Hwa arrives just on time to save her. Ye-Rin takes over the fight and gives Yu-Hwa the task of escorting Su-Jin to the evacuation chamber. Yu-Hwa and Su-Jin hurry towards the chamber but their path is obstructed by Jacra and his disciple, Tar. Knowing Jacra is beyond his powers to overcome, Yu-Hwa decides to tell him the truth of Atran's objective for attacking Hon and asks for co-operation. Jacra deems it better to finish off the key (kill Su-Jin) to end all trouble but then decides to let them go on one condition: Yu-Hwa must defeat Tar. And so the two of them begin to fight.

Main Fight[]