Yu-Hwa vs Serial Killer.png

Han Yu-Hwa VS. The Serial Killer

Location (1) In the Hospital
(2) In the Cafe
(3) The Serial Killer's hideout
Duration (1) Chapter 3 - Chapter 4
(2) Chapter 7
(3) Chapter 10 - Chapter 12
Outcome (1, 2 & 3) The Serial Killer retreats.

Yu-Hwa coincidentally faces the Another who has been murdering around the city at different times in different places.

Encounter 1


After saving Su-Jin Ji from the accident, Yu-Hwa ended up in the hospital. He learned that the little girl he saved was staying in the VIP room. Later at night, Yu-hwa gets hungry and goes out to grab some food, taking a detour to visit the little girl. However, he finds two guards lying dead in front of the room and the monster right in front of him.


Yu-Hwa survives the fight although he drops unconscious. When he wakes up, he is visited by Su-Jin Ji escorted by Mase. Yu-Hwa is told about the existence of Anothers while the Another who attacked laments for the loss of his prey elsewhere.

Encounter 2


The Serial Killer Another visits Yu-Hwa's cafe in the disguise of an ordinary human.


Sa-Ryun enters the cafe and declares that Yu-Hwa is his prey. Understanding the difference in power level, the Another decides on giving up but Sa-Ryun chooses to punish him. However, Yu-Hwa starts to wake up and the Another escapes from Sa-Ryun by the split second of distraction.

Encounter 3


Yu-Hwa accompanies Detective Park to the possible hideout of the serial killer. He is told to stay put inside the car while the detective goes ahead to investigate. However, the body of the detective is thrown upon the windshield of the car and Yu-Hwa finds himself facing the Another once again.


The Another retreats but makes his way right into Sa-Ryun's path. Sa-Ryun finishes him off.

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