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General Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Another
Class Highly Dangerous Type
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Atran Fighter
Affiliation Atran
Debut Chapter 53
Last Appears Unknown

Zed (Kor. 제드) is a highly dangerous Another working for Atran.


Zed is a tall, muscular Another who sports a tomahawk hairstyle with a soul patch type chin beard. He wears sunglasses. He usually puts a grin across his face and maintains composure even in disadvantageous situations.


Zed maintains composure in all circumstances and takes prudent decision.



Season 1[]

Zed is sent in the Atran invasion on Hon to capture the key to Pandora's Box - Su-Jin Ji. He keeps Mase engaged in a fight while Su-Jin Ji is sent to escape with the guard of other agents. As Mase starts fighting him, Zed then reveals that it was planned so the other highly-dangerous Another, Guight could capture the princess. Zed holds off Mase as long as he could but calls it a draw when he realizes that Mase is far more powerful than the recorded stats and he might die should the fight carry on. As Mase rushes towards the evacuation facility where Su-Jin was headed, Zed warns Guight via communicator about it.


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